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Here's Shiro's stats and skills for the RPG event.

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This is a timeline of events that I use for playing Shiro at Vatheon. Truthfully 99% of this stuff will probably never come up in-game. I just like to keep this stuff handy for organizational purposes.

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Continuations for Bekku, Mafuyu, Shiro, and Satoshi. If you want to start a thread with any of them, just respond here and say who you want.
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Okay, just making a note here for everyone who has Shiro here as a counselor for forced counseling. So basically Cessily, Karina Lyle, Kozuki Kallen, and Yogi.

I just had to send in my computer for repairs again, and while I do have a computer I can use, it doesn't have AIM or IRC on it. So, if you want to get in contact with me about threading, either email me at silvershine_ (at) or drop a message in this post. Also if you have me friended on plurk you can poke me there too.

Sorry for being so late about this, the last few days have been hella hectic. But now that it's Christmas break I'll be on a lot more, so we can get sum counseling done.
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Okay, so in Ao No Exorcist, there are obviously Exorcists. Shiro here is an Exorcist. He holds the rank of Paladin and is pretty much a badass dude when it comes to things involving demons. He is also pretty adept at identifying demons, even if they look like normal humans. So, if your character is a demon or demon-like, feel free to comment here. We can work stuff out for maximum threading fun. Note that being a demon doesn't automatically mean he hates someone: he's actually a pretty reasonable guy who won't care much as long as said demons aren't harassing humans.

Also, just because Shiro is a holy godmod in canon doesn't mean he has to be one in camp. If your character is a demon and you'd rather Shiro didn't know that, feel free to comment here as well.

Along with this, demons and other 'osnap it's a holy thing'-type sensing people are free to notice that Shiro is 100% human, but he is still a pretty powerful Exorcist. He makes no effort to cover that up, and demons in canon instantly recognize him for what he is, so I have no problem with people in camp noticing that as well.
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How's my playing? Have any comments for me? Just drop me a line here. Anon commenting is enabled, and ip logging is off.

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Jul. 9th, 2011 02:09 am
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Here with 92.9%
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[Are you near the barrier? Well you should be, because a priest just got dropped off by an incredibly garrish hippie van driven by a zombie in a tye-dye shirt. He's holding a suitcase in one hand and a note in the other, which he is currently reading with great interest. Another suitcase is near his feet.]

((OOC: Post for castmates! COME TO MEEEEEEEE))


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